WiFi cannot be connected

I can’t connect to WIFI, whether it’s a phone hotspot or WIFI, it just connects briefly and then disconnects. I tried many times, like changing DZ and then restarting to try to reconnect to WIFI, but it still didn’t work.

Hey @xiaxiaota, if you haven’t already emailed support about this please do so. I believe that the issue is related to your physical location (assuming you are in China?) Some networks are blocked in certain countries, China being one of them. We have a solution by way of firmware update so shoot an email to support and we will give you the necessary files and instructions on manually updating your device :slight_smile:

Hello, the system cannot connect to WiFi, but it can connect now, but sometimes it takes a while to connect.
You sent me a manually updated system file before, and I have successfully installed it according to your steps.
My current device can upload Logbook normally, do I still need to manually update the system?

@xiaxiaota I just checked and you have the correct firmware so no need for an update. Glad to hear the problem has been resolved :slight_smile: