White screen?

Went out to jump last Sunday and, after charging my Dekunu all night, quickly threw it in my wrist on the way to the plane, and turned it on. All looked normal, and then I just got a white screen and it reset a few times. The screen stayed white.

Ran back and grabbed my old analog alti for the jump, but this was strange behavior. This happened after updating to the newest firmware. I reset it probably 10x at the DZ and then when I got home, plugged it back in and probably reset it 3-4 more times before I finally got the standard display.

Anyone else experience this behavior?

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Hey @gevans
I would like to get a copy of your device logs if poss? I will send you an email with some instructions.
Thanks for reporting.

I will send them off in the morning.

Got a little distracted, they are coming momentarily