Weekend of jumping - but DATA is missing

did 4 Jumps this weekend and while all seemed “okay” - in the cloud i dont see them correctly, missing GPS info etc. guys - i am losing patience ,-(

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Can I ask if the GPS info that’s missing is the info from the flight?
I find depending on what aircraft we are in, if I’m sitting under the wing strut / wing box then GPS can be obstructed, this is normally ok once I move to the door and back into clear line of site

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i realy dont know whats missing, i had full display of everything, but after syncing the junp does not show shit…
and two are on the bottom of the list online and not even showing altitude.

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The ones showing at the bottom of the list happened for me as well but that was right after uploading them to the cloud. After giving it a little time to process it showed back at the top in order and correctly.

As for the missing info, since you’re not 100% sure what is missing I won’t be of much help "/ but I do agree with what @mutley mentioned for the GPS part during flight.


@Marian Please let me know if this problem persists for you, send an email to support@dekunu.tech and we can investigate. If the logs are showing in your device logbook, the data is definitely saved so it can be uploaded to the Cloud once we figure out the cause.