Wedge pillow?

Does anyone make a wedge pillow mount for the chest strap?

For the mudflap mount?
Im thinking of making a 3d print to raise the side.

I was actually thinking directly on the chest strap, not the mudflap mount. Easier to take on and off for packing.

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I forgot my mudflap when whe i went to Florida, so used a pool noodle, it worked very effectively.

I 3D print them for the chest strap. I recently made one for my remote for my Sony FDR X3000 camera. Works great. I am out on the road but can send you a photo of what I have printed in the past when I get home on Monday

That’s very cool, I would love to see that.

Think this is what you are looking for. The VS4Life is an organization that I founded. I could put nothing or something on it. I have included 4 photos to try and give you a better idea of size and shape. I printed it just to print it. I have not jumped with it. I did also make a chest mount for my remote control for my Sony FDRX3000 camera and use that all the time.

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