Website Error 500 when editing actions


I get Error 500 when I intend to change the dropzone for FSC Münster E.V. to FSC Muenster - Borkum

I was able to change a few, but the remaining all throw this error.

BR, Bruce

Hey @Bruce perhaps the server was offline when you were attempting this? Weak network signal can also cause this, let me know if the problem persists and I can help you troubleshoot :slight_smile:

The issue still exists. Here are some of the action numbers for you to check.

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Thanks @Bruce I will get that looked into for you

Hey @Bruce this has now been fixed, the problem only related to older actions that were not processed properly. Can you have another go and let me know if you continue to have issues please?

Workes now and I discovered bulk editing.

We a tips and tricks section.

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Hi! I’m also experiencing error code 500 when I want to observe several actions (some work). On all, the preview works, but when clicking on the action itself it returns 500. This condition is not permanent, it starts working after a while (have not figured out if there is a certain thing I’m doing to “unlock the items”) but the experience feels very inconsistent. I’m user #358021.

Same problem here today. They server are not only very slow but also full of problem like this. The device is so nice and the firmware as well it’s a pitty that the app is as bad as this.

I need to replicate this but it seems like if I’m logged in via two different devices (I like to check my jumps on my phone at DZ and then later on my computer at home), that by the time I open the other device I start triggering 500 error. I’ll try to replicate but it feels like it’s connected.

Same problem again, I could only access to action details once in like 5 days

@Vule @didiercapozzi are you guys still experiencing issues accessing your actions? The server could be slower during high traffic periods when lots of logs are being processed but shouldn’t last long or become a big issue, shoot an email to if the problem persists and we will look into it for you :slight_smile: