Waterproof Case


after a couple of jumps, i can say i love the display of the dekunu and the features even when it still has a little bugs. But for me, it is not that problem.

But I´m a canopy pilot and normally train over a pond. Because the device is not waterproof or water-resistant (i´m right or?) I do not use it for training at the moment.

Are you planning a waterproof case or something? Maybe it would be a good idea. At the moment I´m using my old Alti 2 for trainingsjumps over the water.


@Tamagotchi The device is not fully waterproof so not the best idea to fully submerge it in a swoop pond for sure, however this is something we are working on. Any ideas or suggestions you have as an avid swooper are welcomed. :slight_smile:

Oh, I thought it’s waterproof… Good I read this before testing :smiley:

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Hey, after reading (and answering) this post I was thinking again about it and I was sure I checked if it is waterproof before I made my order. I checked the website again and it’s says it’s water resistant. I am not a native english speaker so I have to ask how you define the difference between water resistant and water proof related to this device?
To be honest, I expected to receive a device which has no problems with swoop pond jumps (see screenshot 2 for your vimeo video).

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@Armin Correct, the device is water resistant, it is not fully water proof… yet.
There are plans to make a water proof case for the One now that the mudflap mount design is complete. I would love to have your input/suggestions on the design to feed back to the product development team if you are keen?

Yes, I am interested to help. And I might have a handy idea to make it waterproof.

But there is something to clarify. Which part has to be improved so it’s fully waterproof?
A - The display area
B - The case itself (the section where it was closed / can be opened)
C - The power button
D - The micro USB connector

For B,C,D I got an idea. If I work it out, do you want me to send it to you by mail or in this thread?

If the answer above includes A… I have no clue :disappointed_relieved:

Hey @Armin shoot an email through to info@dekunu.tech and I will pass everything along to the design crew, thanks heaps :slight_smile:

Hey! Any updates on this! Glad i didn’t get wet this weekend before i saw this thread!

The design team have been working hard on this, I will post any news as it becomes available :smile:

Hi Tracy,

any news for the waterproof case?
In Germany the new season finally starts for this weekend. So i get the dekunu back in the air.

It was a nice meeting during the PIA symposium.


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Hi @Tamagotchi :slight_smile:
It was nice to meet you too! So good to put some faces to names at PIA.
We are deep in the design phase for waterproofing, it will be a major release so an email will be sent once we have news as well as a post on the forum.
You will be kept in the loop :slight_smile:

I was reading through the forums and ran across this thread. I was wondering if there is an update on the possible waterproof case ?

We have made significant progress with this but nothing ready for release as yet. It is certainly coming though. We made the most of the down time during lockdown to throw all of our energy into prototyping new mounts with waterproofing in mind. It shouldn’t be too much longer :ok_hand: