Warranty Feedback

Got my replacement wristband package today. Fits much better, so thanks for that.
I still probably need to trim the silicone around the power button or just find a pointy object.

Good on you for including a new USB cable. The longer micro A fits perfectly through the case, so no need to take it in and out to charge.





Now if I could get the same, and somehow fix the damn power button that fell out after taking the alti out of the case, it would be great.


Hey @yumanskiy
I will get you a new button/case front and USB in the mail this week.
Ask and ye shall receive :wink:


Was the case redesigned somehow to allow button to stay in place better?

I don’t think so. The longer USB just means that you won’t have to take the unit in and out to charge, so less of a chance of knocking the power button out. It’s still hard to hit the power button, but the plug of the USB cable works makeshift to turn the unit on and off.

@yumanskiy The case will be redesigned but not yet, I will get you a button and USB out in the mail. I will send you an email to confirm once it has been shipped :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the new Power buton end câble :smile:


interested in the new cable my case is starting to rip from removing the device to charge everytime :slight_smile:


Received mine, thanks!

I was out of town for two weeks so a nice Dekunu black bag was waiting for me at the office. I like the new design. Looks like that part of the case is great now. Had a tiny bit of an issue replacing the case, main board wouldn’t align properly. So I put the screen/board/battery into top part, and covered with a bottom, instead other way around. Holds well.

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@David_Collins I will get a little pack sent out to you, same shipping address?

that would be great thanks, yep the 6165 postcode is current thanks

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