Wait for sufficient battery charge before attempting to power itself on

So a couple of times now i’ve plugged my Dekunu in after coming home from a day of jumping, only to find that by the morning it’s dead. It registers a charge when I plug it in at night, but i’m not sure if i’m just not pushing in the charge cable far enough when it’s in the bumper case…or if gremlins are unplugging it slightly during the night somehow.

Either way, it seems to struggle with trying to start up when it has insufficient charge (tiny flashes in the screen, with small blips of noise) until it gets to enough to start a boot cycle, at which point it will then flash up the low power warning, then restart. Generally between 5 and 10 times it will low power loop like that until it has enough of a charge to boot up and stay powered up.

So it’d be cool to have some kind of ‘charging standby’ screen up (much like the smartphones do) while it is charging up to a point where it can turn on without going through the low power restart loop.