Visual fixes

The climb rate when using metric after the new firmware is in Meters / Seconds!?!, would be much better if it would be in Minutes than second. Could even be in feet/minute even if your using metric.

Could you change the fonts of the “extra info” to WHITE to make it easier to see while wearing sunglasses, alt take away the Da Vinci quote and make a that page with all the extra info bigger and easier to read.
(Distance to takeoff, Ground speed, compass course etc. (small fonts in grey on black background is not easy to read)

Would also be nice to have a some more valid inf in the post jump info. for example: Exit speed when jumping off, commas bering, altitude.

After the new firmware, the time is off agin (was correct before with summer/winter time)


Thanks for the ideas and feedback @Irie - it’t been fed back to the devs. Some bigger fish to fry right now, but sometimes they do get time to update these types of things in between :slight_smile:

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