Verify user error

Hi - After making 3 jumps Saturday, I am receiving an error that I’ve not seen before and it may be the reason that my jumps are not attempting to sync? It says, “Verify user error: Unknown error, status=200”

Anything I should/could do?

@brentski this is an issue on the server end, the dev team are working on a solution and we should have a fix soon. You should not need to do anything, once the fix is rolled out your device should connect normally and you jumplogs will sync, hopefully this will be today but it could take a little longer.

When will this be fixed. I received my altimeter of Thursday and it has not worked since. I really wanted to jump it this weekend but now look like I can’t. Please help. It is still stuck on “request security token”

Hi @brentski this was all fixed on Friday so you should have no further issues, please let me know if any problems persist :slight_smile:

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