Various issues in the cloud actions

Can you help with some issues I have in the cloud portal?

New season just started here and did 10 jumps this weekend. However in the cloud “My Actions” only 4 are displayed like you can see here:

The PDF logbook shows all of them but they’re not in order and some have missing exit and deploy altitude:

Hay Fab,
Ive had one not upload from the weekend too, Ill mention this to the guys.
can you upload the Sync logs to the Dekunu server for them to have a look into?


Hey guys, both fixed, you should be able to see those missing actions now :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!!!

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Hi! I seem to have a similar issue. I made two jumps on 10/10, the unit shows both uploaded to the cloud, the dashboard overview has both logged but the action list only has one. Can somebody take a look? User #6111


Hey @Vule, thanks for letting us know. Your action is now visible on your profile :slight_smile:

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