Various Discrepancies between device, cloud, and other devices

Was examining some of the data available and noticed that the graphs in the cloud were differing with what happened on the DZ. This caused me to start looking at the data on the device and compare it to the cloud, as well as other devices. I notice that specifically, altitudes and times are commonly different between the Dekunu One and the cloud data, as well as other Altimeters. ( AltiTrack & Galaxy so far ) I understand that various placements will have some effect, but I expected that at the very least the Dekunu would agree with the cloud data. This begs the question of which is to be believed. Times are varying 5-8 seconds and altitudes have varied by a few hundred feet. Also noticed that altitude in landing pattern appears very different. Any guidance? Thanks.

Hi @wjr, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting your question :slight_smile:
It is normal to see some discrepancies in your stats between the device and Cloud. Your data, once collected and synced from the device to the Cloud, is processed through a number of algorithms designed to give you a more accurate, in-depth look at your actions. The Dekunu Cloud is constantly evolving with new functionality and improvements being made every week. As there is continued development underway, some parts of the Cloud may be in beta so if you notice any discrepancies please mark the action for review so that we can continue to improve the platform :slight_smile:

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@Tracy thank you for the response. So, the cloud data is the more accurate data. That helps to better understand what is what. Thanks.

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Once the jump has been synced from the device to the cloud, why doesn’t the Dekunu Cloud update the device with the more accurate stats?

Or does it already do that and I haven’t noticed?

@wjr received the actions you have marked for review, thank you for taking the time to give such thorough feedback, this has all been forwarded on to the dev team so they can work on improvements, very much appreciated, thank you!

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Hey @HandsomeRob it does not do that, mostly because the Cloud is the official logbook for your jumps. Definitely open to your suggestions and reasons for having this function though

No worries. After thinking about it it’s not really necessary.


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Actually, if you look at your deployment altitudes on the cloud vs the altimeter itself, you may find that the deployment altitudes on your altimeter are more accurate. The cloud seems like maybe it shows your inflation altitude, not your deployment altitude.