Used it today from the helicopter

The good:
Very accurate, worked flawlessly on my heli jump

The not so good:
Had it turned on in the car and it thought I was in the plane when we went up a large hill (about 700 feet) and even after we stopped I couldn’t get it out of Skydiving mode. Had to reset it.

The bad: power button broke off. Is there a way to replace this?


Thanks for letting us know @gevans - got your email to support and replied there.

Pretty wicked you took it on a heli jump - that might be a Dekunu first :wink: :beer:

I’ll tell you where to send the beer :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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No pictures from the Dekunu and the heli? We need more pics!!! :wink:

Forgot my WiFi pod for my camera. I’ll post some when I get home. Here’s one from a friends camera


Now I hate you! :rofl:


Sick shot! Love it @gevans - who took the pic? I’d love to post in our social media if that’s cool? :slight_smile:

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My friend Sheri Greenman got that shot. You are welcome to use it as you please. If you want to ask her, she’s on my facebook page, but I am abot 99.9% sure she won;t mind at all. Or I can hook you up with her number or whatnot if you need to contact her

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Here’s a couple pics. Helmet and a nice shot of the Dekunu at 9k our of a C-182 last Sunday


Heres a few more pics…

Bye Helicopter…

Seems that the altitudes between the Dekunu and a standard old altimeter are sligtly different…

Canopy…end cells :rofl::rofl::rofl:

BRUH! do you really fly an ancient Heatwave Canopy? Yes.
But bruh, you only have 105 jumps??!?!!! Yes
Bruhhhhhh… Someone buy me a Katana or a Stiletto instead :rofl::rofl::rofl::dekunu:

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