Usage without cloud / API

Hello !

I could not find anything in the FAQ about using the Dekunu One without the cloud. Is it possible to just get my data on my computer and analyse them there, without having them synchronized elsewhere ?
I’ve read it has an open API, which is nice, so I guess it should be possible ? Any details on what the API would allow ?


I suppose if they are developing an IOS & Android app, there could always be room for a windows app that could be used.
Personally think that would also be nice to have the option to sync via a pc plugin interface software.

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A windows app would not help me, as I am running linux… :stuck_out_tongue: An open API should be accessible by any OS.

Well that’s sucks, :joy: to be fair, I’ve never tried Linux,

The app once made available will be an externally valuable tool for mobile devises and “in the field Analysis , but agree, a downloadable program for home pc/ laptop regardless of OS would also be a really handy tool too.
I know all the data will be available on our account, but would be cool if we didn’t have to go through our browser to access it.

Hey @Fred - welcome to the forum. You can access your data via USB to your computer from any major OS including linux. Simply put your device into USB-SD mode and plug it in. Here you can get your raw log files if you like. You will also be able to download your log files from the Dekunu Cloud in multiple formats (CSV, GPX, KML etc). Like all things with Dekunu, we are constantly evolving and features are constantly being added, remove and improved. Our aim is to make the data more convenient to use and/or download from the portal without the need of physically connecting and manually processing the raw logs. However, the data is yours so you can access it whenever you like from the device.

Good, thanks for your answer, Brent ! :slight_smile: