US Parts Sales

I was told by Tracy that there is a place in the US to buy parts for the ONE. Sadly she did not give me contact information and now she is not answering emails.
Does anyone have contact information for sales of parts in the US? I am in the need of a new screen as soon as possible. Thanks

Hi @liloz33 your email has been replied to please check your inbox :slight_smile:

Can you provide the info here for other people’s needs in the future?

I have quiet a few wrist mounts and a select replacement parts. Feel free to message me to see if I have what you need, also, I am a official Dekunu dealer in North America, so I can assist with repairs and replacements without voiding your warranty.

i need your help
mine is working and i can see everthing but the touch screen is not working i cant change anything it works fine in the freefall and all but i cant change or do antyhing

Hey Lo0oka92,

Welcome to the Dekunu forum/community.

Unfortunately I do not have a extra screen available, I have quite a few spare parts just not that one. You can try Australia’s customer service but it usually takes a bit for a reply, still worth a shot and the wait. Also have you tried to update it and/or factory reset? I believe you can do it through the Dekunu cloud.

In the meantime you should still be able to change most of your settings on the Dekunu cloud and it will update your One the next time it syncs up with the Dekunu servers. You can access/create a profile here: Login - Dekunu

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further assistance.