Uploaded Cloud data off more than I have ever had in 400-ish jumps

I did three jumps yesterday and first two were angles and the third was a belly. All jumps have the planes jump run off by a couple miles to the west. Has my tracks appear as belly without more than a slight horizontal movement and the third belly jump appears like we moved 1000 meters. What skews the freefall data is the huge west offset on the planes jump run. Same DZ - Skydive City where I have had the most accurate data. Any ideas? I will see what happens today on the few jumps planned.

It is most likely down to having bad GPS but if you can mark the actions for review I can have them looked at for you :slight_smile:

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No worries. It hasn’t happened since

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Yeah, something is not right. If GPS what can I do to be more accurate? Seems whenever we offset to the west of our airport .5 to 1 mile I have a reverse track. Shows me exiting the plane and going to the east instead of west. Not sure if these 2D or 3D visuals are supposed to be accurate? Just seems when we are offset east everything aligns. Looks like it tries to draw me back over the DZ instead of true track. We are using this along with FLysight as we are in heavy tracking and angle phase. Any input is welcomed.

Ok, thanks. Can you pick one of the jumps affected and mark it for review for me please? If you can write in the notes what you think the accurate stats should be I can flag it to the developers and have them investigate thoroughly.