Updated to FW 3.3.2 - SOLVED

I updated to firmware 3.3.2 and this is what I’ve seen so far.

-After selecting “yes” when automatically prompted to change to a nearby DZ
-With a GPS fix, both tapping yes at the DZ change prompt and manually entering the DZ change menu cause the device to freeze
-Without a GPS fix, manually selecting a DZ works for some DZs but freezes with other (for me, it froze on Jumptown and Sky’s The Limit, but not Skydive Danielson, Skydive New England, or Connecticut Parachutists Inc.)

-Times are correctly adjusted for local daylight savings time
-Some logs appear to be deleted (although the .json and .csv files remain on the SD unchanged), and there remains a greyed-out sync icon where the log entry was previously displayed
-Log data is jumbled between log entries, log action times don’t match data in the log entries

I had my device freeze on me after FW 3.3.2 update.
It asked for Dropzone change and clicked yes… froze… had to reset…


HI Tracy, not sure if its linked but since the update as soon as my device apparently “gets” gps signal it freezes.
had to reset and hide in a basement to turn it off… will be waiting for next FW.

Stop being so accurate already! :wink:

Thank you to everyone for your patience. :slight_smile:


Hi @Wotan - v3.3.4 is ready to download. Please give this a shot, it fixes heaps of location bugs :smiley: https://dekunu.info/2H9JoTX