Up to altitude , off by 250 feet

jumped this weekend and my altimeter was on the way up 250feet below the actual altitude (i still jump my N3 as i dont fully trust the Dekunu)
On the Cloud, the exit altitude is off by 3000 feet, something is wrong here, i dont know what.
When on the ground, i checked the system and the Baro shows 0.00 -

any idea what it could be ?

Did you have full gps when exiting? We were talking about this on another thread where not having gps initially on exit throws off the cloud platform. I’ve seen it as well when exiting with no gps. I tend to look a lot at jump run and plane speed so I tend to be more aware of it like when I get sit under the wing. It’s something to keep in mind.

Barometric pressure reading devices regardless of brand can be off. If you do a google search there are plenty of skydiving related threads about them abruptly changing or being off when compared to a gps based system. They really are an approximation based on pressure. Sometimes on jumps if you watch the analog altis they may show as different than other brands as well.

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i totally see that sometimes on the way up the analog ones may “lags” but i never had my N3 going 300 feets off - and seriously - this is not acceptable.
GPS shall have nothing to do with the display of altitude on the DEKUNU - it shall be coming from the two Barometric chambers.

Let me put it this way.
I am still jumping with my N3 as a “backup” cause i cannot trust dekunu enough … my N3 has never had issues like showing totally OFF reading or crashing.

I understand that the GPS is required for the tracking of the Jump, but it shall not affect the readings in Freefall

@Marian Thanks for posting, I would like to get to the bottom of this, please check your inbox for an email requesting some more info.

The Cloud is in beta so a lot of the algorithms for the data output, charts and graphs are still being refined.

There is a major overhaul of the Cloud planned, a lot of the focus will be steered towards refining the algorithms that your data is processed through once synced, so we will begin to see some positive changes soon.