Turn off during my free fall

I always have the same problem where the altimeter works well during the climb of the plane and turns off during the free fall with a blue screen, need to reboot to turn it on.

obviously the support never answers me despite my many messages.

do you know someone who could help me, i would really like not to have to throw away 500$

thank community :pray:t2:

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Wow, that’s really shocking! Although Dekunu is running on reduced capacity, I hope good old @Tracy can help you out with this issue.

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Or maybe @mutley can assist you?

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Drop me A dm and ill see what i can assist with.

Hello @mutley @Tracy
I tried the update sent by your support by connecting my device in USB mode, I removed the battery and the SD card as explained in the videos and I still have the same error message without the possibility of connecting my device on wifi.

REST API or MQTT is not configured

thank for your help

Has Dekunu been able to help you to revive your altimeter?