Trouble adding Aircraft to Cloud Log

I have been trying to add the aircraft to my cloud logs but every time I try to add it, a red banner goes across the top of the screen but it doesn’t provide me with an error message, nor does it add the aircraft to the log. What am I doing wrong? I have been adding all of the required information

this is an old error, there are already messages on this topic and the error is still not fixed

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Hey guys, we had some more pressing priorities but @Macabre96 is correct, this is on the dev list, hopefully it will be picked up soon

Hey guys, this has been fixed, can you give it another go and report back if you continue to have issues please? :slight_smile:

Its half fixed!.. I was ab le to add an Aircraft and it adds that aircraft to any jumps you select it for, however, it won’t let you add a second aircraft to your actions. It has blocked blanks that won’t let you fill it in. Happy so far… keep up the improvements!

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thanks for testing and reporting :slight_smile: