Tracking Freefall Times


Haven’t used my One really since buying. I did use it on some tracking jumps last week (Squirrel Mutation) on Skydiving mode and it correctly registered the tracking times (1:50 to 2:00) but on Wingsuit mode, it registered over 4 minutes.

I would have thought it should be on Wingsuit mode for tracking but let me know if not. Also to add, I switched it back to skydive mode so don’t have comprehensive proof it’s an issue or a one off! Would be good to know though.

@Nick I am not overly familiar with the Squirrel Mutation but I am guessing that the rate of descent is faster than with a standard wingsuit? I would love to grab some more information and some logs from you to feed back to the developers if you don’t mind? I will shoot you an email with some instructions :ok_hand: