Total "crash" and had to "log-in" to gain access

last weekend, i booted up my dekunu and got a error from the SD Card, then it was basically not loading my info - i had to login - which at a DZ with no Internet is very diffecult to get it going.
I also had several times before issues with a error message that the SD Card is creating errors.
Is there anything i can do to โ€œhelpโ€ the SC Card to perform better ?
I am still jumping with my N3 asd a backup as i dont trust dekunu enough as a primary altimeter

Hi @Marian
Thanks for posting, I will send you an email so we can investigate this, in the meantime, could you please update your device to the new firmware that has just been released? Thanks

i did send you the Logs, unfortunally i am stuck in the LOG IN Screen and it will not take my
credentials - i cannot use the altimeter at all.
I understand you are looking into the syslogs i sent, any chance this happens soon , i am having a whole nonth of jumping ahead of me and would hate to not be able to use the dekunu, at least i want to be able to log into the Dekunu again and have it do what it is suppose to do

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Hi @Marian I sent you another email yesterday, can you check and respond to that please?

Tracy, i did reply with the Data you asked for, can yo check ?

did you get it, any way to make my dekunu at least work again ?

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Hey Marian, I replied to your email, check your inbox and let me know how you go :slight_smile: