Tips for stand by battery use?

Any tips for improving standby battery use?

Took my One jumpin today and switched it on about 0900, by the time I jumped at about 1400 the battery had dropped to 60%.

I suppose it’s not so bad when you consider the amount of time?

Wondering if disabling WiFi might help as it’s not constantly trying to connect?

Turning off Wi-Fi helps a lot.


Unfortunately, I’ve gotten in the habit now of just turning it off between jumps.

Maintaining GPS connection and wifi connection if it is a strong network will help otherwise what Pete said, disable wifi at the DZ. The new firmware that has just been released has some improvements to battery life too. The device is essentially a small computer constantly processing information, searching for GPS etc. so some depletion between jumps is to be expected. Hopefully the new firmware has a positive impact for you :slight_smile:

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