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during all the bad weather we are having here at the moment, Im having a good old play with some of the new awesome features in the porthole account.

Ive been spending a lot of time looking at the loop page for grope jumps that are linked to friends accounts and im finding it hard to differentiate between jumps.

under the list action, would it be possible to include exit time in the list for each jump?
I think this way it could be easier to filter different lifts from each other if needed.


Great idea! I have a feeling it’s already in the works, but just incase it isn’t I will pass it along to our developers.

Thank you!

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just a random one too, Ive just opened the loop up on my profile, could there also be a way to filter what and whos actions show up?
at the moment its showing everyone in your lists daily activity.


Hey @mutley sorry just seen this comment, I will feed it back to the devs and get it on the development list, thank you :ok_hand:

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