Thank You Tracy! 😘

A while back, I had posted about my device ceasing to work. I could hook it up to a charger and it would power on but, would die the instant I took it off the charger. Tracy had recommended I ship the device back and I decided to just set the device aside and not spend more money on a product that I would still classify as being “still in development”. I had no hard feelings about it and considered the device a great product that I hoped to see continue developing into a “ready for retail” product.
Basically, I opted out of continuing with it and considered the money spent as helping to further develop a product in which I see a lot of potential. I, more or less, forgot about it.
Tracy did not forget about it.
After some time, she contacted me and asked if I would be willing to send the device to a location in the US for evaluation and repair. I decided to give it a go.
Well, the device was returned to me today and is functioning again. The power button and battery replaced and the firmware updated.

HUGE THANKS to Tracy for following up and contacting me on this.

Remarkable customer service!!

Only downside… now I’ve gotta refamiliarize myself with this thing. :wink:


Same here I had to send my device but had to get away from home when I came back and after a few email a had a repair package new hardware and even a care package !! Thanks Tracy you guys are the best !

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Naaawwww you guys :blush:
Happy to be of service and even happier to see you guys in the air with your devices :ok_hand: