Synching is really shaky

I keep having tons of problem with the synchonization of logs. Right now it’s been 40 minutes I’m trying to sync 6 jumps.

That’s a summary of the problems I keep having reguarly:

When the screen is off no synching happens. I had logs waiting to be uploaded for hours, while the device was turned on and charging, with nothing happening.

Way too often the sync fails too. Right now my device tried to upload a log 6 or 7 times. It gets to 100% and at the end… back to “not uploaded”

The process is incredibly slow. In about 40 minutes only 4 logs out of 6 have been uploaded. And I had to babysit the device for the whole time to prevent the screen to shut down.

I still can’t force the re-sync of a log

As today, the firmware is up to date.

Are you aware of these problems? Are you planning to fix them? I’m sure in your servers you have logs you can check to prove what I’m saying. And I’m willing to give a hand to troubleshoot them. I just want my alti to work properly.

Hi @ColOfAbRiX There are some improvements to log syncing in the latest firmware release with some bigger improvements planned in one of the next releases. Let me know if you continue to have issues after updating your firmware and we can investigate further

I’ll pay attention with the new firmware

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