Sync Issues and Actions Aren't Viewable

My latest batch of jumps were uploaded, but they’re not showing up in the cloud account.

In addition, trying to view any of the actions results in a 500 error.

I know it’s a holding pattern, just wanted to bring it to your attention.

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Same situation. Last jumps was synced, but not showing in cloud. All previous statistics is not available.

Hey guys, we are in the process of moving our servers to another location, there has been some unexpected delays to the processing of recent logs but this should be resolved within a day or two so check back in a few days :slight_smile:

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Thx for information Tracy! I hope all will be ok.

Thanks, I can see my recent jumps now!

I still can’t see my jump 313(

Thx! Fixed!

With best Regards!

Hi @Tracy, hows the progression coming along?
Ive just noticed this with todays upload too.

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Hi @Tracy !!! It seems like I encountered the same problem with 3 days jump upload in September. It says invalid date and when I try to open it gives me the following message `DataTables warning: table id=actions - Validation failed for parameter ‘searchStr_0’. Invalid date.’

Hi @Tracy situation with synced jumps in cloud again. In Dekunu jumps synced, but in cloud not not displayed.

My cloud is missing 4 jumps from Sunday 9/18 after successfully showing uploaded on the unit. The unit is “packing & uploading” system logs now. :person_shrugging:

Hi Guys,
I have been informed that at this moment in time, the Data Base is getting a little upgrade.
This has resulted in a temporary hold on new uploads.
Don’t worry, All uploads are safe and will eventually be available for viewing once the upgrade has been completed.

Right now, I couldn’t give a rough time scale though. (sorry)

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Cool thanks!

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HI All,

Just to let you all know, I have had an update from the man himself at Dekunu HQ.
The Database & API changes have been completed and all pending uploads are now in the middle of being processed and will be available for viewing within the next 24Hr.