Sync does not match, sync is not shown


Here some reports from the new firmware…

  1. GPS quality… i think the gps does works less now… no god signal in the plane
  2. Jump Data on the one are different to the jumps in the cloud… see picture

  1. Jumps are wrong logged… some jumps (marked for review) shows 1200m exit… sorry it was the full 4000m
  2. Jumps on the one are listed as not synced but are available in the cloud
  3. Height in the cloud is wrong… shows 4500m
    Trust me… they go only up to 4000m
    Maybe the problem is MSL and GND?
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I’m having the same issues, and more…

Thanks for the feedback guys, this has all been fed back to the developers - @US522 got your flagged log too so this is set to be looked into.

Now I have a lot of unsynced jumps… can I force manuall a sync?
Sometimes when I wanna connect to the WiFi, WiFi does not start.

Maybe a soft switch to manual switch the WiFi on/off would be a good idea.
Also a Sync now button.



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Some strange things after last FW update:

  • On my device: 15 of the last 16 jumps still need to sync with the cloud ( don’t have the green mark before the log) - but in my cloud: they are there.
  • In the cloud: recent activity doesn’t match the action log: on one date I have 6 logs at actions and recent activity shows only 5 that day. I have other days too where "recent activity’ shows less jumps than in my log list on the cloud.
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@stirre Interesting, I will have that looked into, a couple of people have reported that logs have synced but aren’t ticked on the device, I will let the devs know, i’m sure they can include a fix in the next rollout, I am glad they are syncing though.
@US522 Can you check the cloud to see if the logs have synced but aren’t showing as so on your device please?

New thing: logged the wrong DZ

Saturday I jumped 5 jumps on 1 DZ. I changed the DZ on my dekunu device to the correct DZ the day before.
On my device only 1 of the 5 jumps is uploaded. In the cloud I see 4 jumps out of 5 jumps on that day of which 1 at the correct DZ and 4 are set on the previous DZ (Klatovy) - When I check this on my device: all the logs are logged with the correct DZ in the details

Sunday I did 7 jumps. The recent action on the dashboard shows 8 jumps for that day, all at the wrong previous DZ (Klatovy) instead of the DZ selected on my device. On my device the logbook shows all jumps of sunday still need to be uploaded - but I can see them in my cloud.

Thanks @stirre have fed this back to the devs also. Had a few others report the same (Cloud recording Klatovy as DZ instead of current DZ). For now mark those jumps for review so the DZ can be adjusted and we have a record of it… I’m sure there is just a little tweak that needs to happen somewhere to stop this happening, so hope to have a fix soon :slight_smile:

After update the log is not korrekt… some jumps are marked as Not synced, but they are in the cloud.
Can I force a complete sync?



The logs have all synced they just do not have the 'happy tick’
This has been reported to the developers, it’s not a big issue, all the info is there but they will get around to fixing it