Stuck in wingsuit jump

While driving to the DZ ot registered that I was on a wingsuit jump. And now an hour later and its stuck on this jump and I cant get out of it. Now way to cancel the jump or turn it off or anything. My guess is that I’ll have to wait for the battery to die

If you have a paper clip push in the reset button next to the power button. You’ll have to remove the case to see the reset hole.

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My device also got stuck in jump mode. i switch it on in the plane on my third jump - and for some reason it showed height above sea and not ground as it has been for the prior two jumps. The dz is about 3900ft above sea… Since I could never reach “ground level” for the alti to complete the jump is was stuck. I had to reset using the method described above.

Hi Joe, we are aware of the live action mode turning on when people are driving - we are rolling out a fix.
Thanks for your patience.

Hi gloei, just to confirm did you turn the device on when the plane was already in the air or when it was on the ground? It needs time to zero in the current altitude versus sea level.

Already in the plane…