Stuck in airplane mode

I made 3 jumps yesterday and when I left the dz I forgot to turn the device off. When I was driving back it went into airplane mode. I left it without battery to turf off and stop the “jump”, but when I charged it again it’s still in airplane mode. I hope I’m wrong but is the only way of stopping it to reset it and lose my jumps or there is a better way? :worried:

Hi @kimonasGR thanks for posting, I believe you already had a response to this via email from support but for anyone else wondering about this - there is a ‘point of no return’ factored into the device algorithm at the moment which means that once you have climbed past a certain altitude at a particular rate the device ‘thinks’ you are in the plane and will remain in plane mode. To boot out of Plane Mode in these circumstances you can hit the reset button three times consecutively waiting for the Dekunu logo to appear before hitting reset each time. The next firmware update will include a Cancel button for this purpose :slight_smile: