Structural recommendation within forum

@Tracy, @dan,

as more and more new member join the forum and not everybody will have the patience to go through all the threads before posting themselves issues which have been discussed already I would recommend the following:

Maybe you put a fix thread at the top of the “issues and bugs” category with a list of all known issues and their related status. Maybe also a link to the thread in which the persons who want to read more can directly jump to.
I think you can avoid by this way that we have multiple times the same issue reported in several threads the more member join the community.




Hi @Agostino thanks for the recommendation, I am in the middle of organising a list of bugs that we are working out to make it easier to view and so the people who have been helping us with feedback etc. can see the progress. I should have it ready to go soon.

Hi @Agostino - in case you haven’t seen, we actioned this idea and there is now a pinned thread in issues and bugs which links to our current Device Bug Workflow doc.

Thanks for your suggestion :facepunch:

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Hi @Shannon, I saw it and I am happy about it. Thanks for involving us.