Strange orange screen

So I’ve had this happen a couple times now. Right before leaving the plane it goes to a strange orange screen that seems to show a heading and gives some strange altitude that reads something like 0575 when the plane is at 1300 ft. Both times the device would eventually go back into the correct free fall mode halfway through the free fall. This is frustrating to me as I’m often working with aff students and I’m starting to wonder if I can trust the device. I’ve been having to start wearing my alti 2 again as a backup. Also when will you guys make it so that we can type in our current jump number so that the log will keep track of how many jumps we have and not how many have been put on the device. I often make 15 plus jumps a day and it’s hard to try and right them all down sometimes and would be nice if the device would keep a tally for my total jump number.

Your description looks a bit like mine: Wrong mode while jumping

I had contact with the team and mine is a known bug they are working on.

@Rockow I will open up a line of communication by email so we can get this fixed for you.