Strange Data

So I did a tracking coached jump yesterday, but the path looked so wrong - had me going in completely the wrong direction and also doubling back on myself :smiley:

Started looking at the data on the device vs the cloud and even more weirdness:

Device vs. Cloud

Freefall 1m9s vs 1m15s
Canopy 4m11s vs 4m41s
Plane 14m13s vs 13m58s

The times I can’t explain, but the GPS data I assume is because I had no fix on the plane and it’s all down to how quickly the fix comes as you exit? Then I guess as the GPS fix becomes more accurate as time increases this could cause an inaccurate track on the map??

Have been using the freefall time on the device for writing up my log book, hope I am not cheating myself from precious freefall seconds :smiley:

@Tracy any pointers on this one?

Hey @roundyuk, I just had a quick look at your last tracking action, for sure GPS is factoring in here, part of your freefall in the 2D map actually looks like run-in so you would still have been in the plane which is making it look like you doubled up and tracked back on yourself. The data collected from your device from the barometers and sensors will be 100% accurate, poor GPS is throwing a spanner in the works when it comes to processing - refinements to the algorithms causing this is something that we are working on at the moment, the maps and charts are still in beta in the meantime. When you see a super straight line on the map you can make a fair assumption that GPS in the plane is the culprit.
These are the GPS stats from that jump:

We are on it, these things take time because there are multiple factors to consider but once we have refined this your actions will be reprocessed with the new algorithm.

The times differing between device to Cloud is normal, the device is not designed as a log book, it will give you a brief overview of your skydive but the Cloud has more in depth insight into your jumps and your stats there should be more accurate, they are usually only seconds apart. Hopefully this explains a few things, if you have any more feedback or input that may be helpful to the dev team we’d love to hear from you, email :slight_smile:

Thanks @Tracy, great reply, makes sense!

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