Still in aircraft mode thousands of feet after exit

Lately, I have noticed that my Dekunu is still showing the aircraft display for the first 3000 feet of freefall or so. This makes it virtually unusable during that time. I’ve tried restarting the altimeter between jumps, but the issue continues to occur. I feel like I haven’t had this issue until that last three weeks or so, or I just haven’t noticed it until then, but it seems to occur on every jump.

Out of curiosity, what aircraft do you fly at your DZ?

We fly two Cessna caravans

I experienced the same thing this weekend. I have a jump where I actually fell up. I was still in the plane. In a Otter.

Hey guys, if you haven’t already done so please email with as much relevant information as possible and upload your system logs to the server so we can investigate :ok_hand:

I uploaded my system logs a couple of weeks ago for the low power mode issue that I had. I’m not sure what else I can provide about this issue other than what has been stated in this post. I thought maybe the new firmware update would have fixed the issue, but it did the same thing on every jump over the weekend.

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@jphart03 the devs created a solution for your issue, I have emailed you some instructions, please reply to that email if you need any help with them

Thanks, but my device still remains in aircraft mode for the first two thousand feet or so after exiting after applying the fix.

@jphart03 hmmm OK, please mark one of the actions for review in the Cloud and I will have the developers take another look, if you can also let us know what type of jump you were doing and any other relevant info in the notes that would be helpful. Thanks.

Mine has always done that. Completely useless for hop n pops. Exit at 5500 and it might just switch over to freefall mode by the time I am pulling at 3500. Full height I never worried about it as I am not checking altitude the first 20 seconds or so anyway.

@ToddW it would be helpful to have some actions marked for review from you too if possible, we have a bunch from @jphart03, a comparison would be great. If this is an issue for you in the meantime, switch your device to Student Mode when doing a hop n pop, the display will only show you the altitude throughout the entire plane ride, jump and canopy ride

@Tracy I can mark a few Hop N Pop easy enough for review.

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Thanks @ToddW Received the marked actions. I will pass them along to the dev team and get back to you if they are able to dig up anything, usually system logs are also required and since the logs are from a while ago your system logs will not hold any usable data, if you experience the same issue in the meantime please sync the jump log to the Cloud, upload a copy of your system logs as soon as you can then let me know, you can upload your system logs by going to Diagnostics > Syslogs > Upload in the device menu :slight_smile:

@jphart03 the devs have inspected your logs and Mike should be responding to your email today.

For anyone else following this thread a note from the dev team: the device takes around 10 seconds after exit to enter freefall mode. When doing a hop n pop the actual time spent in freefall usually equates to a similar amount of time resulting in freefall mode kicking in while the jumper is busy stabilising, deploying, checking canopy, collapsing slider and checking for air traffic, at which stage Canopy Mode will begin (this takes usually around 5 seconds after deployment to kick in). If anyone experiences what they think are larger than normal delays, upload the jumplogs to the Cloud, mark them for review and immediately upload a copy of your device system logs so that they can be assessed by the dev team, alternatively email for advice

@Tracy, I have not seen any emails from Mike regarding how to fix this issue.

Hi @jphart03 I will check in and email you today