Stabilization of units used

The unit of measure for distances always returns to feet and does not remain in meters

@AFiga a fix has just been rolled out for this in the Cloud, if you are still experiencing this the next time you log in let me know and we will investigate :slight_smile:

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It’s allways feet dor distance

Hey @AFiga - we recently fixed this in one of the Cloud updates. Just to clarify, you change the distance to metres in the cloud and when you log out and back in it has updated to feet - is that correct?
Can you check your device to see what you have set for distance too please?
These settings will update based on the most recent input, if you change the unit of measurement in the Cloud and not the device, the Cloud should not revert back and vice versa.
please check the device settings and let me know, I will have the devs take a look for you.