Some Battery Saver Ideas

Not to beat a dead horse…I know there is a battery optimization update in the works, but I just wanted to throw out a few ideas I’d like to see that I think would help a ton:

  • User controllable display brightness settings for ground and plane modes. I’d like to keep freefall and canopy bright, although during a night jump one might want to adjust that (I probably won’t do my night jump until later this year, it just came to mind :wink:)
  • Screen timeout settings. Similar to a cell phone I’d like to adjust how long the screen should stay on before going dark.
  • Disable wifi option: I imagine searching for wifi uses a lot of power, and honestly I’m OK with waiting to do this at home. Uploading log data to me is less of a priority than the device lasting until I’m ready to go home.
  • Minutes of battery time remaining and/or percentage on main screen. These are already found within the settings, but it would be nice to let users put this on the main screen. On my last jump today the device started beeping for low power as I’m geared up walking to the plane. I thought I had a lot more time and ended up hoping it wouldn’t die on me the ride up. It didn’t, but with only about 8 minutes of juice left.

All in all this was a great weekend of jumping and love this Dekunu alti! My wrist was getting a lot of looks…like holy hell, an altimeter that actually looks good, imagine that! haha :slight_smile:


Maybe adjustable informations on the display.

  • for me i do not need the alerts
  • i don´t think the screen has to be on the complet wayup. maybe you can allow it to switch off and latest start automatically with leaving the airplane.
  • switch off wifi would be for me perfekt. because i´m normally using my homenetwork
    -maybe it would be possible for the user to control the sensibility of the display. For my opionen the screen is very sensitiv. The smallest contact is enough to go from standby to a activ screen. Maybe this would be an option to save battery. Maybe something like to have touch the screen with one finger for longer than one second to bring it out of the standby mode or that you have to move the finger over this display to activate it.
    Now it is enough when my suit touches the display or when i just want do it over my wrist for the jump.

But is a really cool thing!!!

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Good suggestions guys, thankyou. All passed along to the developers :smile: