Slow responsiveness on touch screen

Hello Fam! It has been a while since I’ve used my Dekunu. Just fired it up and updated the FW. Since I bought it a little over 2 years ago the touch screen requires me to to tap a button sometimes once, and some times 3-5 times before the action happens. I was hoping it was a firmware issue. The screen highlights as it detected my touch but the actual function doesn’t happen.

Hi @SkyPhalanx, this doesn’t sound like a firmware issue (at least it is not a known one). Can you please upload your logs to the server and then send an email to when that is done? Instructions below. I think that we may be able to resolve this without having to send in your device for a service :slight_smile:


  • On the device got to Menu > Diagnostics > Syslogs
  • Tap the Upload button once - do not tap multiple times, just tap and wait
  • The system logs will be collected and synced to the server, this can take a few minutes, try to fight the urge to tap the upload button again otherwise the device will continue uploading system logs heaps of times
  • Once they have synced shoot an email to support to let me know

I had a similar issue after replacing part of the hard case due to power button issues (at tech recommendation). I discovered that the new case was putting slightly more pressure on the screen edges and it could no longer register touches on the screen correctly. I took off the thin plastic backing on the battery and now everything works fine……at least for now. I am wondering if I may be getting some battery swelling, and that led to both issues.