Slow firmware update/touchscreen input accuracy

Hey all. Just fired up my Dekunu for the first time in 18 months. Tried to input my new WIFI details and it took me about an hour. The accuracy of the touchscreen is simply awful. I couldn’t get the numerals to work as the bottom/left button just would not register. Ended up using a pen and even then it took me so long.

Once connected, to a decent fibre wifi signal, the system doesn’t seem to be uploading the new firmware ‘checking for updates’ has been on the screen now for well over 30 minutes.

Is this normal??

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to getting in the air again

Kind regards


Hi @Felix if you email we can organise a manual update for you if still needed, new firmware has just been rolled out so please try to automatically update again first. If the update goes well, go to Diagnostics > LCD and run the calibration again to recalibrate your screen - prior warning it is super sensitive so use something as a stylus, don’t press too hard (in frustration :joy:) and try to get the crosshairs in the centre as they appear on the screen. Any issues email the address above and we will help troubleshoot :slight_smile: