Skydive from paraglider

Hi there.

We often skydive from paraglider in Ölüdeniz / Turkey. Dekunu One doesn’t work on the jumps. Is there a solution?

Hi Muco, thanks for posting :slight_smile: Paragliding Mode is something we are working on implementing in the future, your request is a little different though. Right now the One would not recognise your ascent as the device action modes begin when plane takeoff is detected. I would love to get some more information from you regarding these jumps if you don’t mind?

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Hi Tracy, thanks for answer.

Firstly, i’m sorry for my bad english.
The video explains a lot of things;

We take off with paraglider at 6000 feet. And we jump from above the sea, it usually 4000 feet. We need to see altitude.

I would like to start “jump mode screen” manually.



Thanks @muco I will pass that video along to the developers :slight_smile:

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Hi @muco - it looks like a super interesting project you are working on. Showing an altitude on a device in this situation is going to be quite a challenge as it need to know your current height above landing area (not height above ground like usual). This manual input opens itself up to potential errors easily. The paragliding mode we are working on acts like a vario and not an altimeter, however it will show altitude above sea level from the GPS. I’ll have a think about this, the possible applications of it and if a solution is viable. Keep having fun with it in the meantime!


Hi there,

Thanks a lot for developing. It works now


@Brent - Did David Blaine use a Dekunu for his balloon jump?

Yes he did. We had a debrief with him after the event too. Hoping to work with him in upcoming projects

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@brent - how did he handle the balloon jump / slow ascent aspect of the jump? Did his device enter skydive mode?