Shipping rates

Whats up with the extremely high shipping rates out side of AUS? $38 shipping for an extra mount?
Any plans of worldwide distribution to reduce shipping cost?

It’s the same for us getting stuff sent here, the ass end of the world so people want more money for shipping to and from here…

have you guys considered getting distributors in Europe/North America/South America/Africa??
You could send bulk and redistribution prices would be much cheaper…

Also we wouldn’t have to fight thru customs every time we get something from you guys.

You can count me in for Europe!

We certainly have and will be, a dealership program is in the works with the pilot being planned for release very soon.
In the meantime, there are some cheaper options available using regular mail rather than a courier service, just shoot an email to with your enquiry and we can organise it :slight_smile:

I wish I’d known this before I got stung at customs! Approx 165 AUD!! OUCH. :sob: