Setting jump log number

How do we set what jump number we are at?

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Hi @Nathan the ability to update your jump number to account for previous jumps is in the pipeline and will be available in the future. Have a few other priorities first, but don’t worry it will be there :slight_smile:

Along with setting next/current jump #, it should be possible to set freefall and canopy time (i.e., add offset based on history to both). Thanks.

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How much rocket science does it require to show the correct jump no. incl. previous jumps on the ground screen?

  1. Collect the previous jump no. from the user
  2. add all jumps logged on the device
  3. Show this number in the ground screen.

Voila. Now go and code that. How hard can it be?

This and several other shortcomings of the device, mainly software-related, make this device a big disappointment.
So much has been promised and so little delivered. I am on the 4th update since April, but the device still lacks main base functions.

BR, Bruce

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Hi @Bruce as always thanks for sharing your feedback. Completely understand your frustration, and rest assured the team is working on this feature and many others. The priorities of development are something a lot of consideration is put into. We are sorry to hear you are feeling disappointed - we’re dedicated to making great products. We’d love to turn this around, so if you’d like to discuss further or get some insight and clarity into certain device decisions, please feel free to shoot us an email to
Greatly appreciate your input, thanks Bruce.

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Come on Dekunu Dev Team – this is one of the FIRST things that should have been engineered into this unit. Virtually every other alti out there (all of which are far less sophisticated) has this as a basic function. Please move this to the top of the list! IMO, most of the other feature requests are for more advanced functions. This function is “skydiving altimeter programming 101 – intro to skydiving technology”!

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@JHog it’s been done. Look under the log book to set your next jump number.


Woo-Hoo !!! Thanks so much !

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I have a hard time understanding your mindset on the jump numbers.
Now we can set our jump number, but you hide in the log book.
What is the number good for that is displayed on the main screen?
I mean how does it aid the user? I don‘t get it.

Please put my own entered jump number on the main screen and put the jumps captured with the device in the log book. That makes way more sense to me. Thx.

Hey @Bruce apologies if this is confusing for you, once you have set your next jump number within the device and then completed the jump - the jump counter on the home screen of your device will reflect your actual jump number accurately.

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