Select Dropzone leads to unit freezing

Hi All - I haven’t jumped with the unit as yet as only received it a few days ago. Few issues I have noted, if I go to Settings / Dropzones and press the Dropzone button the unit goes to a blank page and is unable to move from that. Only way round it is to reset.

Before that started happening I had a random list of Dropzones in this selection, now there are none and as I said it just freezes.

Secondly not all my info is syncing from the Cloud, for instance my emergency contact details are still blank.

Running latest firmware

Thanks all for any advice

Just manually reflashed the firmware by moving the firmware file onto the root directory of the memory on the One. This has now resolved the ‘change dropzone crashing’ issue but I still have a whole bunch of random DZ’s on there despite only picking two on my cloud account page. Emergency contact info has not been updated neither.

Hi @Lozo I replied to your email but just realised you’ve resolved it with your manual reflash - nice one! The dropzones list automatically lists nearby dropzones even if you haven’t selected them on your Cloud profile. The emergency contact info will take a bit longer to sync but should update in a bit of time :slight_smile: