Second day of usage

Got more feedback after my second day!

  1. I did 5 jumps, kept the wifi on and occasonally I turned the device off. At the end of the day the batter was at 50%. And more, after more than one day turned off the battery is 99.1%. That’s a great improvment and gave me confidence, but having it last longer would make me relaxed that there’s no way the battery can die after a full day.
  2. It would be nice to have something to turn the wifi off and on manually (and save battery).
  3. I experienced the problem that other people had when the plane levelled for a hop&pop. The alti turned to freefall mode and stayed like that all the way up (and gave me an astonishing 12 minutes of freefly. Wow!!). Even in this scenario it still gave me the correct altitude display, so jumping hasn’t been a problem.
  4. I think the Dekunu logo light should stay lit to indicate when the altimiter is on, otherwise there’s no indication if I forget to turn it off.
  5. In my last jump, while I was still in the plane and people started to jump, the alti switched to freefall mode. Maybe the plane lost some altitude and One thought I actually jumped.
  6. The rubber case is really the major problem for me now. I’m forced to take the alti out of it every day to charge it. I’m aware you’re working on a solution, let us know the progress!
  7. I can’t remember if it’s planned or not but I think a “demo” mode would be nice. It will allow people to see what the alti displays during the various phases (plane, freefall, wingsuit, canopy, …).
  8. The Dekunu Cloud is awsome.
  9. The temperature I see recorded for freefall is around 30 Celsius. It felt a bit colder than that :slight_smile:
  10. On this second day, one of the jumps of the first day was marked as “Today” instead of the day before.

I’m again very satisfied! :slight_smile: Thanks guys for your work!