Second day issues and potential charing port failure - SOLVED

jumped this two days in a row and here are my issues from first use:

  • not syncing to the cloud
  • no weather info
  • battery wont ever charge to 100% even when left on overnight
  • jump log dates not correct. Some still say “today” when it should be yesterday.
  • A lot of missing data on the jump logs
  • when i try to check FW update, it says “checking for updates failed”

And the most important one is the charing port. Im surprised with the inclusion of mini USB ports as they have a high failure rate, and well, it appears as though mine is already headed that way. The port is EXTREMELY loose, and you can wiggle the cord inside the port pretty freely. You have to McGyver the cord to even get the thing to make contact to charge, and when it does, you have to cross your fingers and pray since the moment you move the jerry rigged cable you’re toast.


All issues mentioned are on the list already and in progress. Thanks for sharing!
Your first 4 points are clear and under progress of the development team. If you miss data on the jump log please mark them for review. Except you mean the log on the device, that is known as well.
If you are running the latest FW (3.3.4) then you do not need to update manually, it will happen automatically. It may happen that sometimes it fails to search n the server, if you manually request updates.

For the loose port I would suggest you drop an email to the tech support.