Seatbelt/Gear/Pin check warnings as an option

As the title suggests really…it’s a nifty idea, but it would be nice to have the option to have it or not. Having to do it every load for 15 loads would get a bit tiresome.

Good idea @joedyson - at this stage the popup automatically closes after 10 seconds and we’re working on some additional customisations for it. This includes modifying the message, height and amount they occur. Thanks to your input we’ll also add a frequency parameter to increase or reduce the amount these alerts are displayed.


I’d love to be able to edit the text. At 11k feet I usually have my audible beep to remind myself to start getting ready. I thought it would be funny to have the Dekunu pop up a message saying “Don’t fuck up the exit”. Not that this would help :slight_smile:


@Nailhead I like it!! :rofl:

Just an idea …

Would it make sense to be able to define your custom check warnings and GROUP them on individual modes? Imagine you are an AFF instructor, then you could define your personal warnings and choose in your settings with which mode you want to do that jump. If you are doing Tandems another or the same day your desired warnings will be others, as you communicate with your passwenger other things at different heights than with your AFF student. So would be great to just choose your pre-defined “tandem” mode. At the end of the day you have a nice track dive in the sunset and again you might love to choose your “fun” mode settings…


Would you actually remember to switch out the modes though? It seems there’s enough text space to just have one long custom message reminding you of something specific for each

Great idea, I love it :slight_smile: We’ve got some big tasks being worked on at the moment but when we get on top of it we’ll be revisiting this feature and will definitely take your idea into consideration. Thanks!

Thanks @brent. Stabilizing the One has priority one, from my point of view. Battery, Cloud Synchronisation, and others… Once this is completed, the door is open for many great ideas you guys for sure already have combined with the ideas of the community. Possibilities seem to be huge!