Sd card unrecognized, unit has locked me out

I’m locked out it will not accept my password. Did two jumps but the wifi is bad at the dz. Went home turned it back on and it’s stuck in an activation sequence saying ‘user profile on SD-card’ thing and when it goes to activate it will not recognize my user password. I even reset it and still get an “unknown error” message.

leaving for the dz now on one of the few days of decent weather, I guess I’ll borrow a student alti for today. I’m really disappointed in Dekunu. I could care less about all the extra features if the basic altimeter functionality does not work.

@ReedT Apologies for the delay in responding to you, email should be in your inbox

Thanks for getting back to me and for the detailed email on how to fix it. It’s working again. I’ll try to get it in the air tomorrow for my 100 jump.

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You’re welcome, enjoy :slight_smile: