SD Card fail

@Tracy this morning after one jump I received the message “SAFETY OVERRIDE CRITICAL ERROR
It hasn’t been wet, dropped or mistreated in the year I’ve had it.
I’ve tried turning it off and on and even reset it. Same thing.
Any help would be appreciated as this is a very busy period for us.

Same thing happened to mine. They asked me to send it in for servicing. They fixed the issue.

1.Извлеките CD карту.
2. скопируйте карту на компьютер.
3. возьмите другую CD и отформатируйте.
4. скопируйте файлы старой карты на новую.
5. вставьте новую карту в устройство.

Я свой прибор так исправил.

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@WanakaRob There are a couple of reasons why an SD card will fail and some troubleshooting you can do to figure it out, please email so we can walk you through some steps. Worst case the SD card needs to be replaced but it is important to report any failures even if you have managed to fix the error yourself. We try to collect logs for any reported errors so that the dev team can continue to work on improvements or fix any underlying bugs to prevent reoccurrence

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Same error here!
I hope I can fix it myself.

Let me know if you need assistance. I have done a few myself.