Screen went blank for several thousand feet

Yesterday during climb to altitude the screen went completely blank for almost 2 thousand feet. Unit was completely unresponsive but did eventually come back. Once exiting the aircraft at aprox 14,000 the screen was showing only 4,000ft and did not correct till below 10,000. Left plugged in all night and unit still will not charge while off. Just landed feature is unresponsive after jump now. Battery life is MUCH better after new update tho!

Hi @Hollywood sending you an email so we can get one of the techs to discuss the screen/blank and height issue with you

I had second hand report of this similar behaviour at the Fly Girls boogie. @jill can you remember who that was? Blanking out at 10K in the plane.

I saw Brent and Shan yesterday and gave them the low down :). Or is it high up when we are talking about altis heheheh