Saving the battery life

I jumped for about 5 hours and did 6 jumps. turned the unit on about 15minutes before my first jump. At the end of my last jump I had about 25% juice left. I was wondering if there could be a way to dim the unit, turn off the wifi, turn off the extraneous messages (i.e. disable single point harness, which is not 1000ft at my dz). Maybe this could help save battery life.

Yeah, the single point harness should be customizable. I love the reminder, but its 1,500’ at my DZ.

@T1jettero We are working on battery optimisation for one of the next firmware releases, one of our developers has done a very impressive study, an update should be coming soon.

@corbinhand We have just released the alerts (thanks to some user feedback) the plan is to make them customisable in one of the next updates too