Restoring logbook to device after SD card lost files due to format issue with card

Since I fixed my device and now back up and running my logbook is empty. This of course due to the bad SD card format that somehow became corrupted. Does anyone have a process on restoring this? I loaded the JSON files to summaries and the CSV to synced directories as my friend has. However, not showing on device logbook. Does anyone know if the Archive folder under system folder needs info? Wondering which directory the logbook is read from and if I can just put the downloaded logbook from cloud to the required folder?

When I replaced a user’s SD card and shifted the old logs to the new device, I moved the entire jumpLogs parent directory over and it worked with no issues.

Yeah unfortunately the card is empty due to the format issues. It lost its FAT (File Allocation Table) and no longer has those files. What this means is people should backup their card every so often as the Cloud does not hold those files only summaries of what is in the “Actions” listing in their Cloud portal. No worries really do not need them on the device and now since back to “0” I will just enter my last jump number and good to go.


@tharshman There is no need to manually back up these files, once they are synced to the Cloud they are stored there. There are two files for every action, both of which are fully synced and stored in the Cloud. There is currently no way to pull the information from the cloud back to the device, but that is not really needed. The Cloud is essentially your logbook, the device shows a summary of each jump.

Yeah don’t really need them on the device. I have them in the Cloud.

I got my new one yesterday and all setup, activated and downloaded my profile. Though this other one is just a card issue I had already pulled the trigger for a new from Sonic at The Ranch. So sending the one back to be serviced and looked at. If card can be recovered, fine, if not no worries. I do notice this one has the correct offset where the old one was off by +1:00 for a -4:00 GMT. The new one for the same DZ is now -5:00 GMT which is correct. We just went through daylight savings time last week and notice the device does not account for DST. At least that I can tell.

Did Dekunu ever release a REST API? I can just scrape the website for my data as I want to build a different dashboard of my jumps.